A List of the Best Podcasts to Keep You In the Right Mindset

Today’s world is busier and more demanding than ever. Not only can it be difficult to stay focused and positive, but finding the time to practice good self-care and taking a few minutes away from your daily grind can seem impossible. But today’s world also affords you a vast array of options and opportunities to help. Podcasts have become one of the most popular ways that millions all over the world are learning new things, taking a break, connecting with others, and finding their focus.

With nearly half of the country’s population listening to podcasts at some point or another, the entertainment source must hold some value. You can find just about anything you’re looking for it comes to topics, for any reason you might have. You can make a boring or frustrating moment disappear and take your podcast anywhere you go. What’s not to love? Here are just a few of the best podcasts out there to help you stay focused, motivated, and positive through it all.

The Best Podcast for Entertainment: Music, TV and Movies, Comedy, and Sports

The Joe Rogan Experience

In the early days of TV and radio, variety shows provided viewers with immense entertainment. The same is true for podcast shows, and The Joe Rogan Experience is the perfect example of one of the best podcasts for entertainment. Whether it’s MMA, science, lifestyle, politics, comedy, or fitness, host Joe Rogan talks about it all. And his variety of interesting, amazing guest hosts help add fun, excitement, and authority to every episode. As one of most-popular and long-standing podcasts around, there are more than 1,000 interesting episodes to choose from.


Dissect is the perfect podcast for analyzing the crossroads where music and the brain meet. Great for music lovers and those with an intellectual drive, this show takes one music album and scrutinizes one song from that album each show. Host Cole Cuchna isn’t just a music fan himself and in fact holds a Ph.D., providing listeners with academic analyzations of an artist’s themes, sound, and lyrics. He uses these factors to examine the artist’s personality and psyche, as well as discuss the general entertainment value of the music. Fans love Cuchna’s honesty, knowledge, and his ability to connect listeners to their favorite music on a mental level.

Pardon My Take

There’s nothing better than a podcast show that has great hosts. Not only are PFT Commenter and Big Cat from Barstool great in their own rights, but have tremendous chemistry as a duo. They provide viewers with weekly episodes on everything sports-related. There are also short, daily discussions and guest hosts that include athletes, commentators, and other professionals in the industry. Pardon My Take uses humor and that wonderful chemistry to bring sports fans the latest sports news, interviews, and more.

The Rewatchables

As another hit for the Ringer Podcast Network, The Rewatchables is a film and TV fan’s delight. Each lengthy episode goes inside one of your favorite films alongside host Bill Simmons and other members of the network. The gentle conversation and in-depth information you receive with each episode make you never want to stop listening, but also easy to pick back up when you need to pause for work. For listeners of all ages and backgrounds, the show features chart-topping movies like “Taken,” “Dazed and Confused,” and “Rounders.”

Hit Parade

Chris Molanphy is a critic and chart analyst who takes on just about any topic related to the music industry. You may not get a new, daily episode like some other podcast shows, but that’s because Molanphy’s popular show is well researched and well worth the wait. He discusses music and chart-toppers from every decade, dissecting and discussing your favorite hits and artists. Not only do you get a little information and an analysis of your favorite music, but Molanphy ups the entertainment game with Hit Parade, using song snippets, storytelling, and bits of trivia.

The Best Podcasts for Business, Technology, Science, and Marketing

Marketing Speak

Hosted by expert and author Stephan Spencer, this weekly podcast delves into the world of entrepreneurship, marketing, and SEO. He shares advice and tips for a variety of niches in the industry, alongside hand-picked guests that provide useful and entertaining information. Marketing Speak is popular because of the spectacular fan-connection since Spencer answers questions and calls for help from his active listeners. Spencer also includes a transcript for each show with highlights and timestamps, so listeners can go back and review important information as often as you’d like.

This Week in Tech

In a weekly roundtable discussion, host Leo Laporte takes on some of the most important topics in our world today: science and technology. He talks to top professionals in the technology industry to discuss the latest trends, products, and even scientific finds. These intellectual discussions also talk about the effect of technology on us as people and as a society, leaving listeners with an array to think about. This Week in Tech dives deep inside tech giants like Amazon and Apple, as well as top products like smartphones, watches, and more.

How I Built This

Everyone in the business world wants to be successful and host Guy Raz from NPR understands that. With his How I Built This podcast show, he looks into the stories and data behind some of the most successful companies and brands in the world. Not only does he talk about the stories behind the person, but also the business and technical aspects that helped drive that company to untold success. Guy Raz inspires listeners with these “before success” stories and also lends a helping hand for entrepreneurs and business people of all types to reach their own success.

Stuff to Blow Your Mind

This cool podcast series doesn’t believe that curiosity killed the cat. In fact, Stuff to Blow Your Mind may quite arguably “blow your mind.” Each inspiring episode features talks, facts, research, and evidence in a fun and easy-to-listen-to way to present listeners with the latest in scientific revelations, awe-inspiring mysteries, and more. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking fun trivia facts, a devout scientist, or looking for a great distraction. Try any one of the hour-long episodes in this series and you won’t regret it.

The Best Podcasts for Politics, News, Education, and More

Audio Book Club

If you’re a bookworm or a fan of literature and culture, this podcast could keep you busy for hours. With an extensive library and new episodes added often, the Audio Book Club provides listeners with in-depth reviews, criticisms, and discussions of your favorite classic and modern literary works from a slew of different experts. Unlike many other podcasts, the hosts for each show rotate, giving listeners genuine and unbiased information to challenge your thinking and boost your knowledge. Avid listeners who enjoy a different show every time they tune in choose this show time and time again.

The Lively Show

Hosted by Jess Lively, a business coach and expert on everything regarding wellness, this podcast focuses on providing positivity, as well as helpful advice and inspiration. From self-care to managing your finances and learning how to laugh again, Jess invites friends and guests who share the same goal of helping others to participate alongside her. If you’re looking for motivation, The Lively Show‘s hostess can help you focus on your values and dreams, and use them to influence a successful future.

The Daily

As one of the best podcasts shows around, The Daily offers listeners just what it promises: daily news. Reaching only 20 minutes in length, each daily show is ideal for starting and finishing on the way to the gym or out for a jog. Listeners can tune in to the day’s biggest news stories with professional guests. And with a host like Michael Barbaro, it’s easy to see why so many tune-in day after day. His personal way of drawing listeners in and straight-forward news approach has helped build an extensive, and ever-growing, library. 

TED Radio Hour Podcast on NPR

You won’t be disappointed for picking any one of the amazing shows to listen to on this podcast. TED Talks are some of the most-watched videos in the world, so why should the podcast be any different? Each episode dives into a different topic, featuring thought-provoking conversations between entertaining and knowledgeable pros. And in true “TED” fashion, the topics you’ll find here range from business and health to education and finance, to inspirational tales and miracles. No matter the topic, you can expect the episode to provide you with positive energy.

Keep moving through any day and find some new inspiration by listening to any, or all, of the amazing podcasts you’ve seen here today. Whether you want to laugh, distract yourself, find help, or learn something new, there’s something here to keep you moving in a positive direction on any day.