Rules of Success: How to Use Fear to Your Advantage

Fear is that unpleasant emotion we feel when faced with a situation or person we believe to be dangerous. It is a threat to our safety and security, and could mean we are about to experience pain, or even death. In that sense, fear is a good thing because it acts like a protective instinctual mechanism warning us to stay out of harm’s way. These days, we no longer use fear as a means, for example, to avoid the gaping jaws of a Sabre tooth tiger, but rather use it for success at avoiding what we define as tremendously uncomfortable experiences. Start thinking today on how to use fear to your advantage in your life.

Fear Of Failure – Is It Real? 

We have convinced ourselves that fear of failure is the thing that holds us back from having the life we desire. The belief is so strong in fact, that our entire society supports it. Do an online search for the phrase and…wait for it…close to 300 million results! Great motivational speakers, like Tony Robbins have devoted entire coaching programs to the subject. But how real is the fear of failure? 

Take Thomas Edison’s classic example of inventing the light bulb. He made thousands of unsuccessful attempts before finding the right combination that worked. He saw each trial and error as a step that brought him closer. Failure is a natural human condition. How many times did we fail before we learned to talk, walk, or do anything new? Yes, it can be scary and frustrating, but the apprehension we felt about falling down or making a mistake was not strong enough to make us stop. The truth is, we are more afraid of success that we are of failure. 

Why Do We Fear Success? 

Do you recall what it was like learning how to walk? It took a lot of work and concentration to get your body coordinated enough to make it happen. The easy way out would have been to crawl around on the floor for the rest of your life. Is that how you feel about your life right now – that you are belly down with your dream life beyond your reach? If you are serious about achieving what you desire, then it’s time to get honest with yourself. 

  • Do you think regularly on how to use fear to your advantage?
  • Is the life you envision truly what you want?
  • Have you trapped yourself in a comfort zone?
  • Are you too lazy to do the work necessary? 

The first step to achieving success is facing your own limitations, because those are the only barriers you will ever have to manage. 

7 Rules on How to Use Fear to Your Advantage

1. Make a plan 

Absolutely anything can be accomplished when there is a plan in place and steps are followed. It’s how every successful corporation is run. The companies that fail, have failed to plan and implement. Treat your life like a corporation. What steps must you take to get from where you are now to where you want to be? Do your best with what you know now, and be open to new information and unexpected gifts from the universe along the way. 

2.  Define what you really want 

You have to remember that you are a unique individual. When you observe other people that you consider to be successful, stop comparing your life to theirs. Stop doing what you think you should do based on others’ definitions of you. Take some precious time to write out or journal what is absolutely meaningful to you, regardless of what anyone else thinks. You are here to do you! 

3.  Face your real fears 

How would your life be different if you were living your dream? It could involve many changes, such as letting go of certain relationships, moving to a new location, letting go of job security, sleeping less, working harder, dressing professionally, managing bigger money issues, and so on. Are those things stronger than your desire to live in absolute alignment with your ultimate purpose? 

4. Get the education 

You are where you are at in life now, based on everything you already know. Basically, in this moment you are a product of your past, and cannot break free of this until you have new information. The life you want – what does it entail? Immerse yourself in the study and observation of what it looks like, and feels like to be that person. Your brain must be “wired” with new information before you can make different decisions. 

5. Use visualization techniques 

You will find many studies that prove the brain does not know the difference between an experience taking place in the real environment, and an imagined one going on inside your head. Write out a scene that is like an “outtake” from the movie of your life, and mentally rehearse it over and over. Feel the emotions. The imagery, combined with the feelings reprogram your brain, so that you begin to think like a new person. 

6. Act “as if” 

One of the biggest things you have to give up is how you think, talk and behave. No more “victim’ talk – blaming others or circumstances for your situation. No more moaning and complaining. No more living in the past. That person you want to become – think like they would think, speak like they would speak and do what they would do. You have been 100 percent successful at acting out who you are now, so use the same techniques to act out the new you. 

7.  Focus on appreciation 

What we think and feel creates an electromagnetic force that attracts particles from the field of potential in which we exist. Those particles accumulate to form the objects and experiences, in and of our lives. Scan though your life and pick out experiences that represent success. Express gratitude and appreciation for each and every victory, no matter how small. Remember, the universe responds by sending more of what we are focused on. 

Fear of failure – you had that tiger by the tail from the get-go! You arrived at this point in your life by being unstoppable, no matter how scared you felt. Now is the time to go for much higher stakes by overcoming your apprehensions about being successful. Follow the 7 rules on how to use fear to your advantage, and you will find yourself crossing the finish line to the best life you desire!

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