Brain Power: 6 Ways to Heal Yourself With Your Mind

Heal Yourself With Your Mind

From the beginning of time, man has always felt the connection between the mind, body, and soul. But today’s science and innovation provides us the research and evidence necessary to prove how much the brain can truly affect your health. And since healing is a job that is best done from the inside out, it’s easy to see why the mind can help provide us the power we need to heal our spirits and bodies. Every person has been given the tools to restore harmony, balance, and good health in their own bodies- through the healing force of your mind. The only thing left to do is harness that power and learn how to heal yourself with your mind.

The Science Behind the Healing Powers of Your Mind

Science has long since been making connections between a person’s health and the mind, body, and soul. Research has strengthened the concept that the mind and how we feel can have strong influences on our overall health. This connection also fortifies the idea that a person can help control, and heal, with the power of the mind. Here are just a few of the connections science has made between the mind-body healing process:

  • The immune system can be weakened by stress-related hormones released from the brain.
  • The brain “communicates” with chemicals made by the immune system.
  • Chemicals created in the brain which enhance and reproduce cells can “communicate” directly with the body.
  • The immune system and brain communicate and “talk” with one another.
  • Physiological changes in the body can be “willed” to fruition by the mind.
  • The attitude and mood of a person can have effects on the course of a disease.

6 Ways to Heal Yourself With Your Mind

Taking control of your mind, how it thinks, works, and reacts, can help you not only control the course of your future health, but help heal your current state of your mind, body, and soul as well. Here are 6 daily practices you can begin today to help heal yourself with your mind.

1. Influence Yourself with the Placebo Effect

There have been countless studies and research done on the placebo effect. A “placebo” is something that is presented to you as a form of real treatment but is not actually real. The mind believes that this placebo is doing what it is supposed to do and responds accordingly. This is the placebo effect. When the brain believes that something is working or being effective, the mind and body can be tricked into believing it. If you or someone else tells you that something will help or heal you, you are more like to find it helpful. In your daily life, you can provide your mind with its own placebo by visualizing your healing and where you want to go. If you believe something is helping you, it can.

2. Think More Positively

The brain, body, and soul mimic what your mind is feeling. If you are feeling negative, it can be seen and felt in the way you get through the day, how your body feels and responds, how you sleep, and more. Science has even indicated that there is a strong link between negatively and the risk of developing certain diseases and conditions. Thinking more positively can help boost your immune system, as well as fight off depression and anxiety. In fact, research shows that optimists have quicker recovery times, are less sick, and tend to live longer. Finding more ways to think and stay positive can help influence how you feel now and how you feel in the future.

3. Foster Good Relationships and Trust in People

Loneliness and isolation can increase a person’s risk of depression and developing certain diseases and conditions. People with strong relationships with friends and family tend to live longer, happier lives. It can be said then, that your attitude towards other people and your relationships can have a strong influence on your health. You should work hard to enrich your social and personal life, to help ward off sickness, stay happy, and reduce the effects of stress on your mind and body.

4. Learn How to Meditate

Meditation has been performed by people for thousands of years. Used historically to gain spiritual enlightenment, meditation has now become one of the most popular practices to stay healthy in every aspect of life. Research done on the effects of meditation is numerous, with evidence showing how meditation can boost your immunity, protect against negativity and depression, slow the progression of certain ailments and conditions, and even soothe certain skin conditions, as well as aches and pains. Meditation can be done daily, no matter your schedule. It’s important to take moments for yourself each day- to reflect, be grateful, focus, and breathe.

5. Laugh More Often

The old saying, “laughter is the best medicine” may not be too far off from the truth. Scientific research has shown that laughter may be more powerful than you give it credit for, with positive effects lasting for up to 24 hours after your laughing has concluded. Laughter provides the body and mind with positivity and happiness that reduces heart problems, decreases stress, improves your body’s overall immunity, and is one of the easiest ways to heal yourself. When feelings of negativity occur or your health isn’t where it needs to be, finding reasons to laugh may be all you need.

6. Find Your Purpose

People with determined, faithful minds tend to respond better to a variety of treatments and therapies than those who have wandering, or questionable minds. Studies indicate that having a sense of purpose can help people feel a better sense of control over their situation and surroundings. Whether it’s faith in religion, a certainty of purpose, or something else, having an idea of why you’re here and what makes you important can help you heal faster and stay healthier. The secret to staying healthy and getting out of bed every day happy may be finding your own purpose or meaning.

Your mind may be able to do more for your body and soul than you’re aware of! Begin to heal yourself with your mind today by becoming more aware and practicing the tips you’ve seen here. And as always, seek out help from trusted professionals for any questions and concerns about the health of your mind, body, or spirit!

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