The Beyonce Bounce – Her 7 Successful Habits Revealed

The Beyonce Bounce - Her 7 Successful Habits Revealed

At the age of 38 and with a net worth nearing half a billion dollars ($470 million in 2019), Beyonce is clearly a success. Like most successful celebrities, Beyonce relies upon 7 successful habits which brought her to where she is today. The great news is that you can learn from an indisputable success and take on the same successful mindset that shot her to the top of the entertainment world. So for those ambitious leaders of tomorrow with the right growth mindset, take seven positive and successful lessons from a true leader and icon, Beyonce.

1. Owns Her Flaws and Mistakes

Being successful certainly does not make a person perfect. Unfortunately, many celebrities and other famed leaders get caught in their own fiction that they are perfect, having climbed to the top of their profession. For Beyonce, remaining human and willing to learn from her own errors and the mistakes of others is crucial to establishing a successful foundation. For instance, after the birth of her first child, Blue Ivy, she became obsessed about her body image and pushed herself to lose all the baby weight in only three months by setting up a small tour. While she succeeded in her goal, hindsight revealed to her that body and self image sometimes needs to take a backseat to other matters, such as a newborn baby.

Beyonce recalls that during that first tour, she was still breastfeeding between performances, which she now regards as crazy. So when her twins, Rumi and Sir, were born, she did not hesitate to announce that she had been on bed rest for over a month prior to the birth, now weighed 218 pounds, was swollen from toxemia, and was still recovering from her c-section. As part of her recovery process this time, she took a different path. “I gave myself self-love and self-care, and I embraced being curvier. I accepted what my body wanted to be,” she said and continues to enjoy the curvier Beyonce she previously attempted to hide.

2. Is a Positive Role Model for Others

In a famous interview with Oprah, Beyonce told her, “My daughter introduced me to myself.” When she realized that she is not only a role model for her beautiful children, but for all of her adoring fans, it all came together for her. Particularly with her two daughters, she constantly emphasizes their potential and power, letting them know they can become whatever and whoever they want in life, from performers to CEO’s of major corporations.

However, her greatest emphasis for her children (and for her millions of followers) is for them to develop authenticity, compassion, empathy, and respect. Her firm belief that anyone can write the script of their own life empowers her; she is also imprinting these qualities in her own young children. Also, Beyonce feels a responsibility toward her fan base by becoming the model she wants to encourage in her followers; since her admirers constantly read and learn about her life, having a positive profile to present benefits everyone.

3. Associates with Powerful Women, Professionally and Personally

Beyonce doesn’t mince her words when it comes to her view of women in the world today. According to her, girls run the world, and that’s the way it should be. While structuring a support system that includes both women and men, Beyonce has observed that women tend more towards collaboration and support, cheering on the successes of others while men lean more towards the competitive side, perhaps believing that competition improves performance. 

To this end, Beyonce seeks and associates with powerful women as often as possible. Also, women think alike and she has learned much from her female counterparts; while she enjoys conversations with men, especially her husband, she claims “there’s nothing like a conversation with a woman that understands you. I grow so much from those conversations. I need my sisters!”

4. Values Her Private Life

While some celebs enjoy flaunting their latest look or fashion on social media, Beyonce takes a quieter and more private approach. By dividing her life into public and private portions and maintaining a clean separation, she can still connect with her fans and enjoy the comforts of a private home life. Granted, every admirer wants to know the details of her private life, but without offending anyone, Beyonce limits her social media communications to her music, the talent that brought her fame and fans. 

Also, Beyonce is well aware of the seamier side of social media, where posts are often criticized and attacked by critics and even sometimes fans. Also, there is the brainwashing element of social media, where you are told what to wear, eat, and say; this loses the beauty of individuality and feeds into the mob mindset. Her hobby of photography is the perfect medium for her to share stories via imagery, rather than tweeting or posting every occurring event or thought that comes to mind.

5. Remembers Her Roots

They say that money changes you, but for Beyonce, she will never forget her origins in Houston, Texas. While she is edging towards the $500 million net worth mark, her roots in Houston remain as strong as ever, keeping her both appreciative of her success and humble about her worldwide fame. She still scans her audience, looking for and identifying with the little girl she was, in awe of her musical heroes; remembering her feelings of awe and respect inspires her to always give 100 percent in each show, as she remembers how the stars she loved (Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, and etc.) always performed to their utmost.

More tellingly, she has seen what fame and fortune has done to others, and it is not always pretty. As she states, “I don’t want to feel the void I see in a lot of celebrities; the unhappiness underneath the smile.” You can’t get more insightful than that!

6. Aims Higher and Higher

For Beyonce, reaching a goal is not the end, but another step in her upward journey. Considering the number of outstanding achievements she has attained during her career, she still reaches a bit farther and higher than before. Perhaps it is best summarized when she stated, “I’m over being a pop star. I don’t wanna be a hot girl. I wanna be iconic.”

Recognizing that who she is will continue to grow and evolve over her lifetime convinces her to never say she has arrived. For her, life is a beautiful journey with many rest stops but no final destination. With this attitude and perspective, there will always be another mountain peak to climb with more vistas to view upon reaching the top. Life is never boring but instead filled with excitement over new prospects every day.

7. Never Stops Giving

It is easy for wealthy people to contribute to charity, but what is unusual is a celebrity that gives with love instead of showcasing themselves while ostensibly helping a charitable cause or organization. When it comes to charitable organizations, she has donated or benefited 37 different charities including American Foundation for AIDS Research, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Global Poverty Project, and the United Negro College Fund; this is in addition to co-founding and supporting CHIME FOR CHANGE, a nonprofit organization focusing on new and unique approaches to raise funds and increase awareness for programs created to promote education, health and justice for girls and women everywhere.

Causes for which Beyonce provides support comprises an equally long list, with 33 causes important in her life. This includes matters and issues such as at-risk/disadvantaged youth, human rights, LGBT support, rape/sexual abuse, and unemployment/career support. She even takes time with individuals, such as the time when two fans at one of her concerts were injured by the fireworks display; immediately after the end of the concert, Beyonce went to the hospital so she could spend private time with the unfortunate victims of that accident. In the case of Beyonce, having a successful mindset is being spontaneous and authentic, which her audiences definitely experience at her concerts: an artist giving 100% and always striving to give more.

While you may not have the amazing voice of Beyonce, you have your own talents to share with the world. By maintaining a growth mindset and adhering to Beyonce’s seven simple yet successful habits, you can give your own journey of success in work and life a healthy and positive bounce!

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