Great Prayers for Mental Healing and Better Emotional Health

Great Prayers for Mental Healing and Better Emotional Health

Saying short prayers for mental healing; when you’re going through a difficult time is more than just a connection to a higher power. In addition to giving you hope, it’s a plea for help from a spiritual authority that can help strengthen your emotional health

According to Dr. Crystal Park, a psychology professor at the University of Connecticut, prayer gives a person a sense of healing and connection. This ultimately has a psychological effect on your body, helping reduce stress.

Mental health is also vital for the success of the people around you, which is why it is crucial to occasionally pray for your loved ones and friends who might be going through depression. A prayer for your colleagues, employees, and business partners will also translate to a better financial reward for you. 

Here are some short prayers for mental healing you can use in different situations.

1. A Prayer When Suffering from Depression and Stress

Depression and stress can cause anxiety and hopelessness. This can lead to a nagging and painful emotion, making you feel alone, fearful, and lost. In such cases, you need peace and rest to help you to get through your situation and the courage to pull yourself out of that state.

At this stage, it is essential to realize that God has the answers to what is ailing you, so you will also need to pray and ask for help and guidance through the difficult situation. The prayer should also strengthen your trust in God and the belief that he’ll help you through it.

Here is a short prayer for when you are suffering from depression and stress.

Dear Lord,

I come before you today asking for help. You know all that I am going through, all that is causing my pain. Peace and rest come from you. May you grant it to me as you please. Help me continue trusting in You for a solution and to always rely on You for guidance. As I wait for You, give me enough patience and understanding. 


2. A Prayer for Someone You Know Suffering from Mental Illness

One of the best ways to help someone going through depression, stress, or other severe mental illnesses is occasionally praying with them. With 13% of the world population suffering from a mental disorder, a close friend or even family member has likely been diagnosed with such diseases.

Praying with the sick gives them hope and helps them understand that all will be okay if they trust God. It also provides them with the strength to go through any prescribed treatment and fight the illness. This simple gesture builds your bond with them by showing them that you care about them, giving them the feeling that they are not alone.

Below is a prayer you can share with a person suffering from mental illness;

Dear Father,

We come before you at this time with gratitude for the things that we have; we are alive today, even when we have not come close to deserving it. As we await your mercy and healing over our minds, please help us understand that it comes from you. Remind us to be thankful and appreciative of all the gifts you have given us, and give us the strength to undergo all trials and tribulations of this world.


3. A Prayer for All Suffering from Mental Illness

With mental illness such a big problem in today’s world, it is vital to pray for those burdened by the disease. Praying to alleviate the suffering of even those you do not know is a sign of compassion and concern for others’ problems.

You can use the prayer below to intercede for those with mental illnesses;

Dear God,

As our creator, you understand the complexities of our human mind. Therefore, I come before you today to ask you to intervene on behalf of those in pain or suffering due to any condition of the mind. Send your healing hand and give restoration of their mental health and a new life to them. Bless all those who are taking care of them, and provide them with the energy to continue doing your work.


How Prayer and Spirituality Strengthens Mental Healing

Prayer and spirituality can help people dealing with mental health in several ways, which is why it’s good practice to set our time to communicate with God when encountering such problems. You should also encourage and join colleagues, friends, and family frequently for prayer sessions whenever they are going through hard times.

Here are some ways prayer can be helpful to those suffering from mental disorders;

  • Gives You Perception through an Outlook of the Bigger Picture

Depression can come as a result of feeling inadequate and valueless in the world. Praying to a higher power serves to give you an outlook on the bigger picture. We all serve a purpose for the greater good, and all that we do helps in God’s grand purpose. Prayer reminds you of that.

  • Helps Lift your Spirits

The social nature of church and prayer groups helps lift the spirit of those with social illnesses, especially stress and depression. Being part of smaller groups in the spiritual surrounding like the choir gives you the opportunity to talk to select people who care about you. The singing and music involved in such activities also assist in the healing process.

  • Social Support

Involvement in spirituality often involves the community and sharing among like-minded people. This offers a structure for support during the period of your sickness, enabling you to recover faster.

Using Prayer for Mental Healing

Mental illness has become a major issue in the global community. The immeasurable standards set at work and among friends has led many people to fall into depression due to the immense stress placed on each of us. 

A proven solution to help those suffering from mental disorders is prayer and spirituality. Involving them in religious activities reminds them of the higher purpose they are a part of, lifts their spirits, and ensures they have the social support they need. 

Despite the various advantages offered by a religious lifestyle, prayer is not a substitute for medical attention. If you, or anyone you know, exhibit signs of depression or any other mental illness, consult a doctor.

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