How to Raise Your Vibration When Depressed In 5 Steps

How to Raise Your Vibration When Depressed In 5 Steps

One of the most significant causes of depression is negative thoughts. They interfere with our perceptions about things driving us to perceive everything from a negative point of view rather than a optimistic point of view. The more we accumulate negative thoughts, the more we are likely to dive into unending episodes of depression, some of which we may not recover from in the short term.

According to the laws of attraction, negative thoughts are likely to attract other negative thoughts, which will eventually overwhelm your mind, soul, and heart, driving you into depression. As you accumulate more negative thoughts, you will likely get caught in a downward emotional spiral, eventually lowering your vibration. The law of attraction further states that eliminating the negative thoughts through a series of steps restores positive energy and vibes that generate the positive vibrations.

What is low vibration?

Low vibration refers to having low energy, negative emotions, and thoughts that constantly cloud your mind. Your frequency levels can be measures using various devices; however, you do not need any device to understand your frequency levels. You know yourself, and you know when you are low and when you feel high frequencies.

Low vibrations cause discomfort in the body, and you begin to have a range of problems, some of which you cannot explain the source. These feelings include:

  • Anger and bitterness
  • Headaches and seizures
  • Stress and depression
  • Poor memory problems and blockage in creative blocks.

These are just a few problems you may face; there are many more. If you do not solve these issues, you will likely develop adverse consequences such as severe depression and mental illness.

Here are some steps on how to raise your vibration when depressed

Step 1: Understand and accept your feelings

The journey to restoration begins with acknowledging your present situation. You must accept that something is wrong and you are not at your best level. There is no shame in feeling depressed, bad, in low moods. It shows you are human and you have feelings. Take time to investigate yourself and acknowledge how you feel.

Step 2: Understand what caused the feelings

By now, you have accepted that you are feeling bad or depressed, and it’s already bothering you. The next step you need to take is to understand what caused the feelings. Various things can lower our vibration and drive us into depression:

  • The past
  • Emotions
  • Relationship
  • Rejection and betrayal
  • Anticipations and expectations
  • Failure to meet goals
  • Judging yourself and comparing yourself to others.

By understanding the cause of the problem, you will understand precisely what you are dealing with. This step may be difficult; So I suggest you get a book and a pen and write down the potential causes of your depression or low vibrations. Now you know exactly how you feel and what is causing these feelings.

Understanding our potentials and limitations

Before you proceed, I need you to understand that you are human with potential and limitless abilities. But as you believe and recite your infinite potentials, I need you to understand this “there are very many things in the world that we have to deal with, some are worth our time and worries, but some are not just worth it. “Terry Crews. Determining whatever you focus on will depend on how much control you have over it. If you don’t have control over something, just let it go, but for those you have control, ensure you declare authority over them and rise above them.

By now, I hope you understand that you have control over your feelings and the same way you invited them into you, you should use the same path to get rid of them, which takes us to the next step.

Step 3: Ask the universe or God for guidance

The universe has a solution to all our challenges. Nature has a way of healing all our troubles and worries. “Time saves and heals all our wounds only if we allow it to help us,” Turin Brakes. How exactly can the universe guide you to healing? The universe, as used in this case, involves understanding your surroundings and your environment’s role in healing you and restoring your vibes.


Meditation is crucial in clearing the mind and eliminating the negative energies that drain us psychologically. Do you have any silent, calm, and serene place around you? It can be in the backyard, around a body of water, or under a tree. Just ensure it’s a place in the open, with good air circulation, no noise, and abundant nature. It may be your first time meditating, and you may never know how to meditate. I will guide you on a simple meditating technique:

  • Sit down with your legs folded and ensure you feel comfortable in the process. Ensure your body is relaxed and you feel comfortable
  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Breath in and out deeply. Breathe until you feel relaxed.
  • Allow your mind to be lost in breathing and let your worries flow out as you exhale, and invite new and fresh ideas and thoughts as you inhale.
  • Focus on breathing while you clear out the thoughts. Within the next five minutes, you begin feeling as if you are in a new dimension.
  • Focus on the new dimension and feel it with positivity. Allow your mind to flash in new ideas, allow light in your dark thoughts and place.
  • Create a new mental picture, begin inviting in happiness, positivity, and victory mindset.

Do this for the next 10 to 20 minutes and take a break to enjoy the new positive feelings you have created. Remember not to allow the negative thoughts to come back and interfere with the positive emotions.

Enjoy nature

Get outside your comfort zone and take a walk in the park, visit a museum, or a Zen Garden in your area. As you do that, become one with nature and observe how much nature is never bothered by what is happening. Watch the birds get happy and chirp despite the threats they face from nature. Watch the flowers bloom despite the worries of climatic change and worries about insufficient water. Learn from them and understand you have to live for the present moment, and you need not worry about things beyond your control. Visit a waterfall or a water park and let the sound of waves and water clear out your mind.

Get your body to work

Enjoy some exercises, take a walk in the park or enjoy a light run around the park and sweat out all your worries and negativity. You can even do yoga with groups in the park. Do this for at least 20 minutes a day. As you run or exercise, watch how the people around you are happy despite their problems. We all have our worries, but we must learn to approach them differently, sometimes we put on a smile and just let it be. Remember, every smiling person around you has something bothering them, but they smile regardless of the problem.

Step 4: Choose again

Having interacted with nature and getting the new energy nature provides, it’s time to make new choices. Remember the negative thoughts you wrote down and their causes? It’s time to compare them with a new set of feelings. Write down the new feelings you have gained from the universe/God or nature. Write down the causes of these new feelings. The next question is understanding how different you feel. Do you love the fresh feeling? Are you willing to pursue it further? Choose whether you want to stick to the negative or the positive thoughts. I am pretty sure you will choose the positive. So, let’s proceed to the next step on how to raise your vibration when depressed.

Step 5: Complementary measures to restore positive vibrations

“Everything on earth requires hard work especially healing from depression, overcoming poverty and creating soothing new life.” Steve Harvey. All along, you have relied on the universe/God to help you heal and raise your vibration. Now it’s time to input your commitment and efforts into the healing process. How exactly do you contribute to your healing?

Recite affirmations

Continue raising your vibrations through reaffirmations; these are positive statements used to combat negative thoughts. You can read some online, but I prefer to develop new ones based on your current negative thoughts. Tailor them to react to the exact negative thoughts you have. You can print some and hang them on the wall in your room; you can write them on your books and make them your phone or laptop screen saver.

Engage in new activities

Begin making new friends and spend some time with your friends discussing positive matters. Ensure you gain maximally from the new relationships you are establishing. Go for photo sessions, laugh and visit new places. I would also advise you to avoid interacting with your phone too much. Social media and other websites may not help you overcome your current feelings. Social media may drive negative thoughts into you, especially if your reading negative comments or posts. Instead of spending too much time on social media, watch some comedy movies, sports, documentaries, sitcoms, and so forth. Discover new hobbies, and listen to some positive inspirational music.

Remodel and rebuild yourself

By now, you are on the path to recovery, and it’s time to rebrand yourself and gain a new image. Think of the new you, make new goals and resolutions. Remember to include the following in your new resolutions:

  • No more negative thoughts
  • I will never let negative people bring me down
  • I must win because I am a winner
  • I will keep pushing regardless of the challenges.

These are more like affirmations, but including them in your new resolutions will give you precisely what you need to focus on and how much people can influence your focus.

What happens when you increase your vibration?

Understanding how energy works will improve the quality of the life you live. You will not feel sorry for yourself, neither will you be sad anymore. People will not hurt you anymore, neither will the negative feelings weigh you down. You will have no room for depression. When you are feeling good and happy, you begin to attract a positive experience. These experiences will guide you on how to raise your vibration when depressed.

Higher vibration refers to quick thinking, fast learning, creativity, quick problem-solving, stronger imagination, and fast memory recall. Imagine the benefits that await you when you have all these qualities. Higher vibrations enable you to overcome difficulties and live for the moment. The future does not bother you as long as you have the present circumstances in control.

Vibrating at higher frequencies enables you to react to short-term emotions. You will be able to deal with discomfort in your body, and your body will develop defense mechanisms against negative thoughts, replacing all of it with love, happiness, and higher consciousness.

As you begin to have all these, your life will flow seamlessly, and everything will take a positive turn. Grades will improve, career will improve, you will have new friends, and you will begin moving up in leadership boards, career path, and anything you need. Victory will be on your way.

Bottom line

You are responsible for the life you lead; you are accountable for your emotions and the outcomes. With the right mindset you have control over your worries, thoughts, and emotions; the key ways to how to raise your vibration when depressed. All it takes is appreciating your present feelings, acknowledging the sources, and inviting healing and recovery mechanisms. The universe/God is critical to increasing positive vibrations; however, you also need to engage in various practices such as prayers, reaffirmations to help you quit the depression.

It is nice to be happy, overcome your worries, and feel optimistic. By now, you have learned all you need; begin the healing process; do not wait for validation from other people. Happiness is a personal initiative, and I wish you all the best as you transform your present situation.