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How Blood Cleansing Tea Is Used For Self-Healing and Raising Vibration

How Blood Cleansing Tea Is Used For Self-Healing and Raising Vibration

When it comes to keeping our-selves alive and in good health, there are so many different fads and diets to try online. There are juice cleanses, intermittent fasting, and so many other potential methods that are supposed to help purge your body of toxins and detrimental additives… but do any of them work?

In this article, I will be discussing one that will help you feel healthier, stronger, and that will also ensure that your body is purified of things that would otherwise lessen your potential and your health.

What I will be discussing is blood cleansing tea.

What Is Blood Cleansing Tea?

Blood cleansing tea is a type of tea that is meant to help clean out your blood. Cleaning out your blood is a very important element of keeping your body healthy. This is because your blood is one of the most important – if not the most important – parts that make up your body.

Blood carries oxygen throughout your body, to your organs, your brain, and everything in between, and it’s the vehicle by which your body works to get rid of waste. It carries parasites, bacteria, and other nasty disease-ridden elements from the outside world and works to cleanse them… which is why it’s extremely important to make sure that you’re keeping your blood clean, too.

Periodically detoxing your blood, using herbs to clean your blood, and maintaining a healthy diet are all important factors to keep your health in peak condition. It is very important to cleanse your bloodstream and get rid of/flush out any toxins that your blood might be carrying that haven’t yet been removed by the liver, kidneys, and other organs.

Blood cleansing tea helps to do that. 

Many people who have started using blood cleansing tea have seen positive changes to the health of their hair and skin, immune systems, metabolic systems, blood pressure, hormone levels, and other essential bodily systems.

Health benefits abound when discussing blood cleansing tea. If you’re hoping to cleanse yourself from the inside out and start a nutrition regimen that will provide you with a balanced, healthy, and efficient blood system, then blood cleansing tea is the first step towards your healthy life.

What Is Self-Healing and Raising Your Vibration?

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you.” 

– Joyce Meyer 

Blood cleansing tea is not only important to bodily cleansing, however… it’s beneficial to your spiritual and mental wellbeing, as well.

Blood cleansing tea is a great method for raising your vibration. As you are no doubt aware, your vibration is a specific state of being. It’s a combination of the place you are in, your thoughts, your energetic qualities, and your general atmosphere, but it goes beyond that, too, transcending you to a state that can’t be fully described through scientific words.

Another way to look at it is to discuss someone’s “vibes.” When you meet people and talk with them, you are reading their energy. This is why you might feel “good” vibes or “bad” vibes from an individual – you’re connecting with them in a way that goes beyond the physical. Some people may make you want to know more about them, while others might repulse you for no reason that you can understand.

The vibration happens because the molecules inside you move at different speeds, meaning that some offer higher vibrations and some offer lower vibrations. Higher vibrations allow for more positive feelings and beneficial growth while lower vibrations will make you feel dark, heavy, and negative.

Finding ways to push your molecules towards higher vibrations will put you in a more positive place. By doing so, you’ll open yourself up to self-healing and other positive benefits. Think about how, when you’re in a good mood, things don’t feel as gray and impossible, correct? And the same can be said for the opposite. This is because the higher your molecules are vibrating, the more positivity, joy, and health you’re opening your body up to.

Blood cleansing tea is a physical tool that will help you entice your molecules into higher vibrations. When your body feels better (and when your blood is cleaner), you’ll find that your body will be more open to other positive factors.

This is one of the many reasons why blood cleansing tea is important for self-healing and raising your vibration. When you feel better physically, you’ll begin to feel better mentally and spiritually as well.

Why Is Blood Cleansing Tea Important?

Stepping away from these higher vibrations for a moment, blood cleansing tea is a physical element that you can use to self-heal. This is because blood cleansing tea works to clean your body and open up new space for good vibes to enter.

The tea does this by interacting with your natural body processes. Your body automatically creates vitamins and minerals that alkalize when your blood is “dirty.” In most cases, your kidneys and liver will work to internally remove excess fluid and toxins from your blood and eject them through your urine. However, if there is anything wrong with your body – or if your body isn’t working at peak capability – you’ll find that your kidneys and liver won’t work as well as possible, either.

When your kidneys and liver aren’t working properly, your body won’t be able to remove the toxins as it should. The toxins are a physical negative element that, when they remain in your body, only serve to lower the vibration of your molecules. Lower vibrating molecules open your body up to more negative emotions, beginning a cycle that will invite more negativity into your space.

However, blood cleansing tea will purify your body of the toxins that your body can’t filter out. This will not only remove the toxins, but it will remove the negativity, as well. Then, your body will be open to more positive factors that will invite higher vibration for your molecules.


Blood cleansing tea is a great method for self-healing. By removing toxins from your bloodstream, your body will be more open to positive factors that can help raise your vibration and put you in a higher and more positive state of being.

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