It Takes Good Vibes to Visualize and Manifest

It Takes Good Vibes to Visualize and Manifest

All of us have experienced dreams while sleeping.  However, have you ever wondered about the nature of dreaming?  How are dreams manifested?  Further, how is it possible to view a dream?  After all, we are fast asleep, and our eyes are of no use!

Our ability to visualize and manifest a fantasy world while sleeping provides important clues as to how we can become more effective in manifesting our desires in our daily lives. A key element of the manifestation process is our vibration.  The level of our vibration determines what we visualize and manifest.

Your Vibrational Level

The world appears to us as being physical in nature.  However, quantum physics has demonstrated that the world of form is just an illusion.  Once considered a solid mass, the atom is now known to be void of any physical structure.  The atom is just a fluctuation of energy.  The entire universe is made of energy.  This fact plays a pivotal role in how we visualize and manifest.

Since everything that exists is just energy, there is no such thing as separation.  Everything that you have ever desired, or will desire, already exists within your life at this moment.  At the level of ordinary awareness, what we desire appears to be separate from us.  Because we feel separate from what we desire, our life’s energy drops to a lower frequency.

Our lower vibrational frequency attracts that which matches our frequency, including negative emotions and thoughts.  These things, in turn, determine what we visualize and manifest.  While sleeping, our vibrational frequency increases due to reducing mental activity.

The high vibrational frequency makes it possible to attract thoughts from the subconscious mind.  These thoughts may be from your current or a previous lifetime.  Because we do not have a clear intention while sleeping, we may attract pleasant dreams or nightmares!


Regarding the Law of Attraction, the importance of intentions is well known.  However, what is often overlooked is that intentions are accompanied by visualization.  Many people feel they cannot visualize, as they cannot develop clear images in their minds.  Do not worry about the quality of your images.

It is important to understand that we all visualizes differently.  Some do not see any images; they know what is happening.  However you experience your visualizations, trust them.  When we visualize what we desire, we are being intentional in what we want to attract.  Unlike when we sleep, we will attract what we desire if our vibrational frequency is high.


We see through the eyes.  Awareness or consciousness is what knows of all of our experiences, including our dreams.  Consciousness is not found within our minds.  Rather, everything that we know of, including our minds, is found within consciousness.  Further, the essence of who you are is consciousness.  For this reason, you have the potential to manifest that which you have yet to experience.  Your visualizations are recognized by consciousness.

How to Raise your Vibration

To successfully visualize and manifest, you only have to raise your vibration.  You only need to relax your mind and focus on your feelings to raise your vibration.  

Relaxing your Mind

When your mind is relaxed, what you visualize will not experience interference from negative thoughts or other distractions.  The most basic meditation is breath meditation.  Though it is a simple mediation, it effectively calms the mind.

  1. Try to find a quiet location where you will not be disturbed.  Sit down and make yourself comfortable; allow yourself to relax.
  2. Close your eyes and focus on your breath.  Place your awareness on your breath as you inhale.  Feel the sensations of your breath as it enters and exits your body.
  3. Continue to focus on the movement of your breath with each inhalation and exhalation.
  4. When you experience yourself getting distracted by thoughts, return your attention to your breathing.  Regardless of how many times you lose your concentration, return your attention to your breath.
  5. Do not, at any time, judge or criticize yourself or anything that you experience.  Getting distracted by thoughts is normal.  Since you have been doing this for so long, it takes practice to discipline your mind.

By practicing this exercise, you will better know when your mind gets distracted.  You will realize it sooner each time you catch yourself.  Further, you will learn to quiet your mind.

Focusing on Your Feelings

It is not enough to visualize what you desire; you also have to feel it.  Your feelings are part of the energy field from which all physical manifestations arise.  When you experience the feelings that come from already having what you want, you raise your vibration.  For this reason, it is so important to visualize your desires as if they were manifested at this moment.  This combination of visualization, a calm mind, and connecting with your feelings raises your vibration.

How It All Fits Together

The essence of everything is consciousness, including you and I.  The manifested expressions of consciousness are created by their vibrational frequency.  Your mind, physical body, and all you experience are conscious energy appearing as phenomenal form.  

Since the essence of everything is consciousness, there is only oneness.  When we raise our vibrational level, we move beyond our ordinary awareness.  In this state of awareness, the act of visualizing becomes an effective force for shaping reality.  It is the shaping of consciousness energy that we know as manifesting. 

The higher our vibrational frequency, the greater the sense of oneness we will experience.  By experiencing a greater sense of oneness, our resistance level will be minimized.  We experience resistance when we believe that we are separate from the universe. When we realize that we are not separate from the universe, there is alignment with our person-hood and our higher self.  When this occurs, all of our desires will manifest.

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